Improving Local Flood Control

Improving local flood control is an ongoing issue in Fort Bend County. Given the severity and breadth of the flooding risks, this issue deserves serious attention. Tricia is intent upon minimizing both the risks and affects of flooding by:

  • Working with our federal, state and local partners to secure additional funding for flood control
  • Ensuring state and federal flood control dollars are prioritized for the most critical projects and areas
  • Holding flood control “Town Halls” to make sure citizens have a voice and hold elected officials accountable

Passing Meaningful Property Tax Reform

Our families and seniors should not live in fear of losing their homes because of skyrocketing property taxes. As a member of the Fulshear City Council, Tricia fought to reduce property taxes by nearly 20%. As your State Representative, Tricia will continue the fight for meaningful property tax reform by:

  • Increasing the state’s share of public education funding to help offset the local property tax burdens.
  • Prohibiting unfunded mandates from Austin that drive up property taxes
  • Placing limits on property tax growth
  • Increasing transparency and improving the rights of property owners in the property tax appraisal and protest process

Improving Our Local Public Schools

Local public schools are the backbone of Fort Bend County and one of the top reasons people are moving here. As the product of public schools and mother of local public school graduates, Tricia is committed to promoting the best interests of our students. She knows that we – not the bureaucrats in Austin – know what’s best for our students and will fight for our local public schools by:

  • Supporting local control of our public schools
  • Increasing the state’s share of education funding
  • Making sure education dollars are steered toward the classroom and not bureaucrats
  • Reforming our school finance system to reduce Robin Hood recapture payments
  • Reducing our reliance on standardized tests so that teachers aren’t forced to “teach to the test”

Protecting Teachers & Retired Teachers

Tricia knows that we must do everything in our power to attract and retain quality teachers and support our retired teachers. That’s why she will fight to protect our teachers and retired teachers by:

  • Upholding our commitment to retired teachers by keeping the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) soluble
  • Prioritizing state funding for additional across the board teacher pay raises

Securing the Border

Because the federal government has failed to act, the State has been forced to step up and provide more funding and manpower for border security. Tricia believes we must continue our efforts to secure the border and stop the flow of crime, drugs and human trafficking that plague our communities and economy. She will make border security a priority by:

  • Upholding the ban on “sanctuary city” policies
  • Prioritizing state funding for border security, including additional technology and boots on the ground
  • Cutting off the magnets that attract illegal immigration

Protecting our Constitutional Rights

As an attorney and former student of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, Tricia believes in upholding the Constitution and the rule of law. She will fight to protect our Constitutional rights by:

  • Defending the 2nd Amendment
  • Supporting Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance in schools
  • Defeating the Socialist agenda of the Democratic Party

Defending our Pro-Life & Pro-Family Values

Led by her beliefs in God, family and Country, Tricia will fight to uphold our pro-life and pro-family values by:

  • Protecting Religious Freedoms for ALL Texans
  • Protecting innocent life from conception to natural death

Creating Jobs & Economic Development

Tricia knows that government doesn’t create jobs, people do. That’s why she will work to create jobs and economic development opportunities in Fort Bend County by:

  • Keeping taxes low and opposing any efforts to implement a statewide income tax
  • Promoting limited government and free market principles
  • Balancing the state budget while prioritizing for essential services
  • Cutting regulations and the red tape that makes it hard to start and grow a business