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Zerwas-Endorsement-for-Krenek.jpgDr. John Zerwas, State Representative, District 28

“Tricia Krenek is a conservative leader who has all the qualities we want in our judges: commitment to upholding our constitutional system and to ruling firmly but fairly on all matters that come before her. Tricia Krenek is my choice for Judge, County Court at Law #3.”

Meyers_Endorsements_for_Tricia_Krenek.jpgAndy Meyers, Commissioner Precinct 3

“Please join me in supporting Tricia Krenek, the one candidate for County Court at Law #3 who is a solid Conservative Republican and constitutionalist. Tricia really cares for the people in Fort Bend County, from her service as Mayor Pro Tem of Fulshear to helping raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the needy, youth and elderly.”

Joseph Menslage, Fort Bend & Katy Christian Magazines

“Tricia Krenek embodies the values of a true Christian. Her compassion and commitment to constitutional values will serve us well on the Fort Bend County bench.”

Cheryl Stalinsky, Founder and Vice President of North Fort Bend Conservatives

“Tricia Krenek has my endorsement because of her dedication to God, Family and Community. A strong Constitutionalist, with conservative Pro-Life beliefs, Tricia Krenek has committed her life to excellence. For these reasons, we need her as our next Judge of County Court at Law 3, home to the very important Girl’s Court; providing guidance for young women. Tricia Krenek—a proven Conservative.”


Sean Bielstein, Owner, Clancy’s Public House

“Like my father Judge R.H. Sandy Bielstein, Tricia Krenek is a true constitutionalist that will govern by the laws of the land. She is the only choice for County Court at Law 3!”

Frank Hester, Fort Bend Co. Precinct Chair 4065

“I am very pleased to endorse Tricia Krenek for Judge of County Court at Law 3. She has both the passion for this position and the energy to carry out the duties of this office. She will be a great judge.”

Amanda J. Barta, Councilwoman, City of Rosenberg

“I am proud to endorse Tricia Krenek as judge for County Court Law 3. I believe she brings an outstanding knowledge of the law as well as a level temperament, compassion and commitment to our community.”

Donna Coleman, Fort Bend Co. Precinct Chair 1141

“Having been a Republican all my life and a precinct chairman for many of my voting years, I find Tricia both qualified and refreshingly energetic and believe she is the best qualified candidate to run, win and preside as Judge of County Court at Law 3.”

Louis Boudreaux, Mayor of Simonton

“I support Tricia for Judge based on her demonstrated strong leadership, dedication to community support, and making decisions based on pragmatic reasoning rather than political consideration. She will make an excellent judge for County Court at Law 3 especially her ability to address the Girl’s Court needs.”


Kirk Dixon, Fort Bend Co. Precinct Chair 1154

“As a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer, I work with the women and children affected by this Court. Tricia has a great demeanor and attitude and is well-suited for this Court. I look forward to seeing her on the bench.”

Todd Schuh, Fort Bend Co. Precinct Chair 4084 & Former FBC Republican Treasurer

“I am supporting Tricia Krenek because she has the experience to not only be a great judge, but also the fortitude and strength to beat her November opponent!”

Justin Schiro, Fort Bend Co. Precinct Chair 3150

“Tricia Krenek’s conservative leadership, Christian values, passion for the Girls’ Court program, and study under Justice Antonin Scalia are just a few of the reasons I’m voting for her as our next Judge of County Court at Law 3.”

Lilly Hargrave, Fort Bend GOP Grassroots Volunteer

“I am proud to support Tricia Krenek for Judge of County Court at Law 3. Her qualifications, strong Christian values, honesty, compassion and sincerity make her the right choice for the bench. Please join me in voting for Tricia in the Republican Primary run-off.”

Please add your name to those of your friends and fellow citizens who are endorsing Tricia Krenek for Judge.

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